How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard Whether they are long and luxurious or short and crisp, beards have a way of adding to you overall look. Men who are trying to grow a beard for the first time usually ask the question, how long does it take to

How to Use PomadePomade is a hair product that is used for styling hair. It basically acts like an adhesive that tames frizzy hair and holds the style you want in your hair. Here is a guide on how to use pomade. Choose the right pomadePomades are usually either oil based

Astonishing Blonde Beard Styles Blonde beards don’t just look stylish and trendy they are also perfect to offset any sharp features. Blonde is a difficult color to play with and it may not suit everyone, but there are so many different variations of the color you can choose from that everyone

Korean Hairstyles for Men  Korean hairstyles range from classic and chic to bold and adventurous. Since Korean men have thick, textured hair, it is easy for them to experiment with their hairstyles and wear both long and short hair in bolder cuts. Korean hairstyles are heavily influenced by K-pop (Korean Pop)

Indian Boys Hairstyles The hairstyle world has been dominated by women for a very long time, but with the advent of Indian hairstyle, men have also become more and more conscious of their hairstyle choices. This trend has carried on to all parts of the world including India, where boys today

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts Cristiano Ronaldo is not just hailed as an awesome football player, but also as the king of stylish yet manageable hairstyles. While the CR7 wows the audience with his moves on the field, he is also looked up upon as a hairstyle icon by many avid fans. The

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Trendy Ideas For Long Haircut Men Long, illustrious hair is a sign of health and vitality. Which is the reason why, long hair gives you a unique, classy look that is difficult to attain with shorter hair. Of course this means that longer hair requires a little more maintenance, which is why

The Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut Usher may have popularized the burst fade Mohawk haircut, but it has since become a cult favorite for men who like to wear a classier Mohawk. This haircut is also known as South of France Fade and is basically a gradual fade that tapers down to

Lionel Messi Haircuts Lionel Messi may be known for his smooth moves on the soccer field, but he is also a style icon when it comes to haircut styles. Over the years Messi’s hairstyles have seen a lot of change; from a fluffy mullet to a fade quiff, Messi has tried

20+ Guys with Long Curly Hair Long curly hair has a reputation for being unruly and difficult to manage. But when managed properly, curly hair can actually help you up your style game and make you stand out in a good way. Many new haircut styles can help your curly hair

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