13 Quiff Hairstyle Designs for Men


Men’s Quiff Hairstyles

Quiff is one hairstyle that is universally flattering and literally, every man has worn this style at least once in their life. The reason for its universal appeal is that it is incredibly easy to style and wear. It is also a hairstyle that can be styled in a number of different ways to get a multitude of looks. The quiff has been a popular hairstyle for ages and it is also a hairstyle that is worn by men and boys of all ages.

The exact origin of the hairstyle is murky but it emerged as a popular hairstyle in the 1950s as a cross between a pompadour and a statement up top. A quiff can be worn with short, medium, and long hair though the classic quiff look does require longer waves at the top and front of the head. This look is so versatile, you can wear your quiff slicked back and neat for an office presentation, or blow dry the front waves and wear a full bodied quiff for date night. Textured and curly quiffs can be paired with short sides to accentuate the quiff even more.

There are much more ways to wear the classic quiff. You can experiment with different variations and choose a style that suits you the best.


1- Long Hair Quiff

2- Sweep-Back Quiff

3- Textured Quiff

4- Curly Quiff

5- Side-Swept Quiff

6- Textured Quiff With Short Sides

7- Classic Short Quiff

8- Wet Look Quiff

9- Contemporary Quiff

10- Quiff With Fade

11- Thickly Textured Quiff

12 – Modern Quiff

13- Quiff With Short Back & Sides


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