15+ Shaggy Hairstyles for Guys


Shaggy Hairstyles 2017

The Shaggy haircut is great for men who want a laid-back hairstyle that looks chic and stylish but requires very little upkeep. Most men don’t like spending too much time on styling their hair and prefer wearing a low maintenance haircut. Even though men today have become more accustomed to wearing customized hairstyles, nothing beats a haircut that is easy to carry and wear and still looks great. This is where the shaggy hairstyle steps in. As the name suggests, a shaggy haircut is essentially hair cut into layers of varying lengths and worn in a tousled style. Men who wear this hairstyle don’t even have to use any kind of product to style their hair as the haircut looks perfect even when towel dried.

The best thing about the shaggy hairstyle is that it can be worn with short, medium, and long hair. It can be worn with straight shiny hair and textured curly hair. The hairstyle looks best when worn with a little bit of texture but you can choose to wear a limp shaggy style as well. This hairstyle suits every face shape and can be combined with other haircut styles as well.

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Here are 15+ shaggy hairstyles for guys.

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