1920s Hairstyles for Men


Back in the 1920s men were almost always wearing a hat. Though this trend faded with time, the hairstyle associated with the trend didn’t. This classic hairstyle was flat, slicked back medium length hair that was shiny. The overall look of this hairstyle inspired names like “hat head” and “patent leather” or “helmet head” for this style. This slicked-back style was so popular that men of that era used oil based pomades to make sure their hair looked clean and shiny.

Men’s Hairstyles From 1920

In order to get this look hair had to be grown to a certain length and regular trips to the barber were warranted to maintain that length. This hairstyle was paired with very high sideburns. Men usually wore this hairstyle in one of three ways. All the hair was combed back and oil pomades were used to keep it slick and shiny. Another way was to part the hair right from the center and wear it that way. Sometimes the hair was parted at an angle depending upon personal preference. The last way this look was worn was to make a deeper part on one side. The last hairstyle was adopted by men who had light hair.

Here we have some 1920’s hairstyles for men to help you see how you too can get the same look.

1920s Men’s Hairstyles Pictures


You might want to try these styles:


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