June 2016

Thin hair is a hair type, not a condition like thinning hair. In terms of hair density, thin hair has less strands of hair per area of scalp than other hair types. Personal strands can still be fine, normal, or thick but this hair type has less volume of hair all over. For this reason, the best hairstyles for men with thin hair manage to provide additional coverage. Essentially, it’s not such a big problem if you choose the right haircut and learn how to style your hair rapidly so that it looks nice and classy. You may save the situation by making a new trendy haircut. Texturizing, comb over, undercut, messy style and slicked back variants – this is just the beginning of the whole list of possibilities. These 10 Hair Styles for Men with Thin Hair below will show you distinct hairstyles for thin hair men can use

So why not do yourself a favour with an instant fix? Like an impeccably tailored suit (only less expensive), choosing for a classic short back and sides hairstyle is a simple and influential way of sharpening your appearance. The beautiful thing about this trend is the many variations you can pull off with only having short hair on the sides and long hair on the top. To get this hipster men’s hairstyle, all you need to ask for is “long on top, short back and sides.” Based on your choice and hair type, you can shorter on the back and sides, all the way down to the shaved undercut, and longer or shorter on top. Whatever the length, this a perfect looking haircut with plenty of styling options. In th,is post, we have collected 10+ Mens Haircuts Short Back and Sides. Check them out and get inspired! 1. Dark Short Back

George Clooney is one of the best examples of ‘trends come and go but style is forever’ I can think of. Famous for his classic salt and pepper gentlemen’s hairstyle, we can see why this haircut has never really gone out of style. The hairstyle is truly a gentlemen’s cut, it looks great with no product or adding a little bit of product can make you movie awards ready instantly.How do you achieve this hairstyle? Easy. Go to your barber and ask for a ‘close crop’ with some length of top. Taking a picture showing different angles of the haircut is also very helpful to getting your desired result. This is a great hairstyle for middle aged men.If you’re happy with the result, adding a beard for extra personality can always be a plus! Good luck on achieving the George Clooney haircut!The post George Clooney’s Hairstyle: Simple and Classy appeared first on Mens Hairstyles

Thanks to inventive barbers everywhere, there are always new haircut styles for men. The undercut, messy hair, pompadour and taper fade have been among the top hairstyles of 2014-2015. In order to present you some inspiration on your next cut, these men’s hairstyles are best for you. All of these men’s hairstyles can be mixed up and adjusted to your special needs and hair type, and some of them can even be worn if your hair is receding, too. If you want to make a statement, check out these 20+ Popular Mens Haircuts 2014 – 2015. 1. Popular Dark Haircut 20142. Popular Blonde Haircut for 2014 Men3. Popular Undercut Disconnected Haircut 20154. Popular Long Top Hairstyle 20155. Popular Messy Haircut Summer Fashion6. Popular Asian Straight Haircut for 2014 Men7. Popular Spiky Dark Haircut8. Popular Cool Long Top Hairstyle9. Popular Hipster Haircut for Men 2014Source 10. Casual Thick Messy Haircut 201411. Classy Popular

This season men are looking to the 1950s and 60s for inspiration with hybrid looks making waves as styles embracing natural texture. The pompadour was a popular men’s hairstyle this year. But the more classic style that was slicked back with extra hold pomades and lots of shine will be seen less except for guys that like their hair cut on the shorter side. Fades and undercuts are popular men’s hairstyle trends for 2015 and they are continuing to gain popularity with new diversities while the controversial man bun refuses to go away. This will be combined with short sides including high fades, low fades, bald fades, with or without hard part disconnection, or simply cut short with sheers for a more natural look. So, here are 100+ Mens Hairstyles 2015 – 2016. Check them out and get inspired! 1. Ashy Bleached Blonde Hairstyle for Men 20162. Spiked Brown Hairstyle for

Obviously, gentlemen prefer blondes. Or at least this is what we’ve been taught by Hollywood, from the movie of same name to the fact that most of the time when a lead cheats on his wife, he goes for a buxom blonde. But while that may be the case for men, women don’t really see blonde guys as rather a catch. Actually, a recent study found that when it comes to dating, women prefer men with brown hair. According to the study, blonde men don’t fair very well on the dating scene. According to the study, men with brown hair average 10 dates a month, compared to blonde guys who average only three. Although brown hair is the most common, for women, the familiarity of it must have something to do with the allure. Besides, as for hair color, Africans usually have very dark brown hair anyway, not black. At

With the ever changing men’s hairstyle trends out there you want something to help you draw the attention among your compeers. Something that looks sharp and classy but not too extreme, something fashionable but not like what everyone else has, right? There are so many hairstyles available for young boys that it can be difficult to choose. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 20+ Hairstyles Boys. You’ll find everything from classic haircuts that never go out of style to trending cuts that will place you on the cutting edge of fashion. Whether you’re adventurous or studious, you’ll find your new favorite style here. Let’s check them out: 1. Dark Brown Thick Hair Style for Boys2. Thick Messy Mid Length Hairstyle for Boys3. Boy Classy Blonde Hair Style4. Spiked Hair Style for Boys5. Long Layered Hair Style for BoysSource 6. Asian Long Top Hairstyle for Boys7. 2015 Boy Slicked Side Quiff

Long, flowing locks used to be the domain of Hollywood’s female contingent. Men in Hollywood absolutely don’t have as many opportunities to change their hairstyles as women do, but we love to see them experimenting with different lengths. This isn’t the first time long hair has been popular on men. In the early ’90s, all the skater boys and surfer dudes were growing extra long locks. So we’ve rounded up 20+ Celebrity Men with Long Hair who’ve worn the long hair to give your significant other inspiration. 1. Christian Bale with Long Layered Hair2. Miles McMillan Long Dark Hair3. Bradley Cooper with Long Wavy Hair4. Jared Leto Long Blonde Hair5. Jonathan Rhys Long Fine Hairstyle6. Antonio Banderas Long Wet Hair7. Celebrity Men with Very Long Straight Hair8. Sebastian Stan’s Long Straight Hair9. Taylor Kitsch Long Fine Hair10. Johnny Depp with Long Brown Hair11. Austin Davis Long Blonde Straight Hair12. Zayn Malik

While the granny and white hair trend is reportedly on the rise for women – it looks like men are joining in with a daring new trend of their own which is seeing more than a few fellas adding white hues to their locks in a new trend. Hair is a defining personality of people and an extension of human aesthetic sense. If you want to make a bold, beautiful statement with your hair, consider turning it white. Stripping hair of its color can dry it out, but if you use the right technique you can avoid long-term damage. Here, we have gathered 15+ Guy with White Hair. Take a glance and get inspired! 1. Guy with White Long Top Hair2. White Spiked Hair for Guys3. White Curly Hair Color for Men4. White Thick Hair for Guys5. Older Guy with White Hipster Hair6. White Straight Side Parted Hair for Guys7. Stylish

The year is young but the ever evolving world of men’s hair moves fast. Trends come and go quickly which is why we’re always committed to bring you the best and latest mens hairstyles of 2016 as soon as possible. 1. Wavy / High Volume Undercut with a TaperThis variation of the undercut  features a fade and taper followed by much longer hair on top (longer than a classic undercut for sure) giving it a wavy and volumized look. To properly achieve this look you will need to get comfortable with a hair dryer, brush and your favorite matte pomade. 2. Buzzed Skin FadesWe will definitely see more close shaved hairstyles in 2016. Men’s hair is like a pendulum, 2015 was filled with longer hair trends like the man bun and top knot, but it will swing back to more contemporary buzzed styles like fades and high and tights. 3. Business SavvyWhen you think of the word ‘business