August 2016

In the world of hairstyles, we often see prominent styles of the past suddenly become popular decades later. We’re seeing this now with the popularity of classic men’s barber cuts like the side part and many more. 2016 seems to be the year of the comeback of 90’s hairstyles. Here are 4 men’s hairstyles from the 90’s that we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of. 1. The Front Curtained ‘Young Leo’ Hairstyle This hairstyle was a staple for many men in the 90’s. From Brad Pitt to David Beckham, but Leonardo DiCaprio was really best known for it. The front curtained hairstyle is an amazing medium length style that we’ll definitely be seeing more of. 2. The Blonde Top Highlight Color used to be big in the 90’s. Remember the classic backstreet boys frosted tips? Well we’re not exactly ready for THAT comeback but a smart blonde highlight just on

Girls aren’t the only ones rocking curls these days! Guys have hugged their natural texture too and those with naturally straight hair have even opted for texture services at the salon. Curls add a different texture and dimension to hair. If you’re one of the lucky few men who have a curly hair, you know how hard it is to protect. Make the most of this hair type with mens hairstyles that works with and increases curls. There are more styling options though. Slick or pull hair back from the hairline for a completely different look. Show off those curls with one of the short, medium, or long curly haircuts. To help you figure out which hairstyle to go with we’ve put together these 25 Best Curly Haircuts for Guys. Discover some new ideas or find the inspiration you’re looking for below. 1. Handsome Guy with Curly Hair2. Short Messy Hairstyle

Looking for latest hairstyles for men? Need new fresh stylish haircuts this season? Well, we’d like to show you some cool mens hairstyle from the cool men Adam Levine! Adam Levine is an American singer songwriter and musician, best known as the front man and guitarist for the pop rock group Maroon 5. Maroon 5 is an American pop-rock band from Los Angeles, California. While they were in high school, lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Levine, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, bass guitarist Mickey Madden. He is also a coach on the American talent show The Voice. Looking for Adam Levine latest new hairstyles? We provide 15 Adam Levine Hair. Check them out and get inspired! 1. Adam Levine Messy Hair2. Adam Levine Faded Hairstyle3. Adam Levine Short Spiky Hair Style4. Adam Levine Classy Hair 20155. Adam Levine Short Hair Trend6. Adam Levine Cool Messy Hair Style7. Adam Levine Short Hair Idea8. Adam

Girls aren’t the only people enjoying colorful hair trends – men want to get in on the attractive fun, too! In the new trend, men are dyeing their hair and even their beards in bright shades of blue to look like mysterious creatures of the deep. While the multi-toned sand art hair trend is reportedly on the rise for women – it looks like men are joining in with a brave new trend of their own which is seeing more than a few fellas adding bright blue hues to their locks in a new trend. It’s no secret dyeing your hair all sorts of crazy hues is a hot trend at the moment. Take a look at these 15 New Guy with Blue Hair pictures below to see this new hair trend for guys. 1. Guy with Spiked Blue Hair2. Cute Emo Blue Hair GuySource 3. Guy Blue Spiked Hair Color4. Dark

Short hair is going to be in style for guys every time. Most men want their hair to be cut short on the sides and the back one way or another, and this is the basis of all classic men’s hairstyles. For a modern edge, go for a fade or undercut hairstyle and try diverse lengths of hair on top. Short hair means hair dries quickly and needs minimal styling while calculated haircuts supply that hair looks good, no matter what you do with it. With different versions of the short sides, longer on top cut at every length, these short haircuts can be styled into all this year’s hair trends including messy, textured, and slick styles. Update your look with by trying one or more of these 20 Short Hair for Men, most of which can be styled many different ways. 1. Short Faded HaircutSource 2. Short Stylish Blonde Hair for

A haircut is personal and should be created to suit your face shape and hair type, as well as your image and personality. There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realising it doesn’t suit your face shape. Each person is different and our face shapes vary massively. To find the right mens hairstyles for your face shape, it’s important to know your shape in the first place – this is essential to getting the best haircut possible. The right haircut can increase your best features and downplay your weaknesses. For those guys who have longer faces, long, flat hair and pointed standing styles like faux hawks should be avoided, since they only extend the face even more. Instead, go with one of the styles below to balance out your features. A neatly groomed beard can help ensure additional balance. Don’t let the facial hair to become too long as

If you haven’t anyway updated your hairstyle for next season, you’re not to late – there’s still time to get a new look for the new season. Lately, mens hairstyles have reached new heights (sometimes literally). The last couple of years have been liberating for mens hairstyles. Well-groomed mens are experimenting with cuts, styles, and products more that ever before, and short hair is no exception to the trend. Browse the most popular 50 Best Mens Haircuts. Trust us, there’s more hairstyles for men than meets the eye. 1. Dark Long Top HaircutSource 2. Messy Haircut for Men3. Short Spiked Haircut Style for Men4. Classy Long Top Haircut5. Faded Wet Haircut6. Best Classy Haircut for Men7. Trendy Pastel Colored Hair8. Fury Haircut for Men9. Male Fashion Straight Haircut10. Naturally Grey Haircut for Men11. Classy Light Brown Haircut for Men12. Classical Light Brown Haircut13. Black Style Haircut for Men14. Short Shaved Side Long

During the 30s, 40s and early 50s, the rockabilly hairstyle was in vogue. In that time it was the powerful and sensual attitude from men and women of the working class what set the trend, later on, even housewives and high class circles embraced rockabilly hairdos. Betty Page and Elvis Presley are icon figures that wore these hairstyles as a trademark since rockabilly fashion was born in a subculture that followed rock and roll and fast cars. Nowadays even women with short hair style it this way, like Pink and Rihanna. The rockabilly styles have quickly become a very popular men’s hairstyle trend. If you want that true pompadour, you need to inform your barber that you do not want the conservative rockabilly but rather a real high hit pompadour. Check out these 10 Best Mens Rockabilly Hairstyles and get inspired! 1. Thick Rockabilly Hair for Men2. Blonde Rockabilly Pompadour Hairstyle

If you want a trendy of daring style, look no further than these cool men’s haircut styles. There’s one for every style from work-appropriate preppy to cutting edge punk and every hair type too. Some are the latest trends for the nex season while others are unique stand out from the crowd styles. From short and neat to long and quiffed, we’ve got all the best mens hairstyles. There are so many hairstyles available for men that it can be difficult to choose. You’ll find everything from classic haircuts that never go out of style to trending cuts that will place you on the cutting edge of fashion. Check out these 20 Pics of Mens Haircuts. Whether you’re adventurous or studious, you’ll find your new favorite style here. 1. Pic of Messy Haircut for Men2. Cute Straight Hairstyle Pic3. Pic of Blonde Combed Over Hairstyle4. 2015 Thick Spiky Hair Style Pic5.

Get the best from your thick hair by choosing a great mens hairstyle and using the right product for the style you’re after. For guys with thick locks, the hair world is your oyster. You can rock any style from short, if you want quick styling, to long, if you prefer. Even better than length, thick hair can reach great heights and maximum volume. Hope you guys benefited from this 15 Latest Mens Hairstyles for Thick Hair article and found a appropriate hairstyle for your thick head of hair! 1. Mid Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair2. Man with Thick Curly Hair3. Thick Faded Hair for Men4. Nice Blonde Hairstyle for Thick Hair5. Casual Straight Hairstyle for Thick Hair Men6. Dark Thick Hair for Men7. Best Thick Spiked Hairstyle Pic8. Thick Simple Combed Over Hairstyle9. Thick Medium Length Hairstyle10. Spiky Dark Hairstyle for Thick Hair11. Attractive Blonde Hairstyle for Thick Hair12. Trendy