2017 Men’s Hairstyle for Thin Hair


Thin hair can be a cause for concern for many men because this means they will be losing a full head of hair. While some men are born with thin hair, some start seeing bald patches later on. No matter what the reason for it, thin hair is always difficult to style. This is because you can’t take many risks with thin hair. For this reason, many men wear their hair short and some volunteer to go completely bald just to avoid looking bad with thin hair. Here we have 2017 men’s hairstyles for thin hair that will help you style your thin hairin a trendy and stylish way.

Identify the areas of your scalp that are balding first before going in with a haircut. This way you can choose a hairstyle that covers those exact spots.

For example, if you’re balding from the sides of your scalp then a short textured haircut like this can help you hide those spots.

2017 Men’s Hairstyle for Thin Hair Pictures


You can also use height to draw the eye upwards and take away from the balding spots at the base. Textured hair also adds body.

1#Textured hair with thin hair

2#A classic quiff with Thin Hair

A classic quiff can also be used to hide balding scalp and is a good way to style your thin hair.

3# Fade Haircut with thin hair

Fade haircuts are a good way to style your thinning hair. You can add in a skin fade to make your look edgier.

4#Short Spikes Hair For Thin Hair

Short spikes also work on the height principle and draw the eye up. They also look trendy and on point.

5#A classic buzz Haircut with Thin Hair

A classic buzz cut can also work in your favor making your thinning hair and bald spots look intentional and stylish.


6#Extended Facial Hair With Thin Hair

Combining thinning hair with extended facial hair is a good way to draw the eye away from your scalp to your face.



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