2017 Popular Hairstyles for Men


2016 was a year of experimentation and bold looks as far as men’s hairstyles are concerned. It was also a year when both short and long hairstyles became popular with many men experimenting with both to up their style game. The same trend continues in 2017 where men are willing to take more risks with their haircuts and styles. While longtime favorite cuts and styles like fade haircuts, textured hair, and spikes remain some of the more popular cuts this year, some newer trends like long fringes and skin fades are also making rounds. A standout feature of this year’s hairstyle game is that more men are now experimenting with dying their hair to go with their unique style. We predict this trend will continue gaining traction well into the next couple of years as well. Here are some of the 2017 popular hairstyles:

Messy Textured Hair for Men

Messy hair has always been a cult favorite and can be worn with short and long hair.

Spiky Haircuts

Another longtime favorite, spiky haircut can be worn with both short and long hair and can be paired with a fade or defined with a Mohawk cut.

The other Spicky Hair Collections:

Cropped Cuts for Men

Cropped cuts have been making rounds this year. Paired with a fade, these cuts can give an edgy yet stylish look.


Long Fringes for Men

Made popular by Korean fashion, long fringes are the new must-have haircut for men who like a bolder look.

Long Hair for Men

Long hair is back with a bang. Natural long waves with a bounce are the best way to wear this hairstyle but it can also be paired with a side fade or a skin fade for definition. Long hair with natural facial hair is also a great look and of course, you can also swoop your hair into a man bun.



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