February 2017

Vogue was once meant for women usually but at the present time to look trendy and stylish is as necessary for a modern man as for a woman. Hair designs add a matchless finishing touch to your shaved side hairstyle. This shaved part that goes all the way to the back of the head does just that with a simple line that has bold impact. Shaved hairstyles make life easier while looking good. These shaved sides hairstyles for men just around the sides for fast, easy, and cool looks. These mens hairstyles of shaved sides that are among the most popular hairstyles for men during 2015. Check out these photos for a range of 15 Mens Haircut Shaved Sides. 1. Cool Thick Shaved Sides HairstyleSource 2. Blonde Haircut with Shaved SidesSource 3. Shaved Sides Haircut Back ViewSource 4. Shaved Sides for MenSource 5. Shaved Sides with Spiky HaircutSource 6. Shaved Sides with Pompadour HairstyleSource 7. Pompadour Haircut

From Rita Hayworth, to Julia Roberts, to Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, a hot red mane has helped turn many a woman into an instant sex symbol. But what about the guys? For years, gingers and red hair seem to have been unnoticed, but they’re finally beginning to take center stage. Red hair attracts attention because red is the least common hair colour. Worldwide, only 1-2 % of people have naturally red hair. There are absolutely more people with black, brown, and blonde hair than redheads. Because it is rare, red hair is considered special. Red hair is most common among people of northern or western European ancestry. Especially Irish man and women come to mind. Red hair comes in many shades between light strawberry-red to deep mahogany red. In this gallery, you can find 20 Guys with Red Hair. 1. Red Short Hairstyle for MenSource 2. Red Pompadour Hair for GuysSource 3. Ginger

The hard part otherwise known as the razor line or side part line is a feature of many old school classic haircuts. As with any retro style that surges back into popularity, barbers have put a modern twist on it.Below you will see many classic haircuts such as the comb over or the pompadour with the added hard part line which gives a neat and clean look that simply looks awesome.If you want to get a similar hairstyle we HIGHLY recommend you seek a classic barbershop as they’re the most experienced with these types of haircuts.The post Modern Twist on Classic Haircuts: The Hard Part appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

If you’re planning to get a trendy hairstyle for 2015, you’ve got to go with a dapper looking, volumized modern looking hairstyle. We’ve gathered a number of amazing pomps, quiffs and undercuts to inspire your next haircut!A pompadour is generally recognizable by the high volume brushed up front of the hair.A quiff is a mixture of the 1950’s pompadour and flat top, it’s very similar, also having a brushed up front but it’s unique in the way the sides and back can but cut.An undercut is quite literally paraphrased as short sides long top, many different styles of the undercut exist. Take a look at our gallerys! Undercut hairstyles.The post Amazing Pompadours, Quiffs and Undercut Hairstyle Inspirations appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

If you prefer a super easy to maintain hairstyle the high and tight might just be the right style for you. Many people in the military have this hairstyle and it can look great provided you have the right head shape for it. Check out some high and tight inspirations.  Enjoyed these hairstyles? Than you’re sure to enjoy Men’s Fade Hairstyles. The post High and Tight Mens Hairstyle appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

You have to be living under a rock not to have heard about Orange is the New Black’s newest star Ruby Rose. Women and Men are going crazy over her very unique look which all starts with her awesome hairstyle.The hairstyle she has is unisex, both guys and girls alike can look great if they can pull it off. It is very similar to the undercut.To achieve Ruby Rose’s haircut you will need to cut the sides of your hair short around low-medium length and cut the top at an angle so one side is longer than the other when you side slick it back. Blowdry your hair and brush it back to get it into the desired shape. Finish the look with a  hairstyling pomade or wax to get it exactly how you want!The post Ruby Rose’s Rockin Hairstyle appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

If you’ve watched the show Vikings you’ve noticed Ragnar Lothbrok’s insanely rad warrior-esque hairstyle. The character portrayed by Travis Fimmel is rocking the shaved sides with long top variation of the top knot. The real question is, can this hairstyle be pulled off in real life by an average guy? Probably not. UNLESS you’ve got a more muscular frame and look like a legit badass already, it’s better to admire the hair just on TV.The post Ragnar Lothbrok’s Hairstyle from Vikings appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

Very few hairstyles stand the test of time. This is the case with the classy slicked back style your grandpa probably had at one point in his life. Take a look at some modern and old school examples of this timeless hairstyle.Don Draper’s hair from Mad Men The Godfather Scott DisickJames Dean The post The Timeless Slicked Back Hairstyle appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.

As we all know Brad Pitt has some of the best hair aesthetics of any celebrity. He’s able to pull off all types of hairstyles from short and buzzed bad ass to the long locks of a Roman warrior. Check out Brad’s 5 greatest hairstyles ever. 1. Brad Pitt’s Hair in Fight Club There is no denying of how great Brad Pitt’s hair looked in the movie Fight Club. A short spiky hairstyle remnant of the 90’s that would still look great in 2015.The post Brad Pitt’s 5 Greatest Hairstyles appeared first on Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts.