21 Best Men with Gray Hair


Mens with Gray Hair

There was a time when gray hair was seen as a sign of old age and hence avoided or remedied. Today, however, gray hair has become a fashion statement. Men and women now actually get their hair dyed gray to wear a statement hairstyle and they look amazing. This hairstyle is still more popular with older men whose hair has already started graying. These men add streaks of gray into their hair to look graceful and chic. Gray hair color complements both short and long hair and it especially looks great when pulled back in a man bun. Also, men have been dying their hair in varying shades of grey to mimic the natural process of graying hair. Whether its gray frosts on spiked hair, grey streaks in wavy hair, or grey bands in long hair, this color adds class and sophistication to any hairstyle.

You can be inspired by these hairstyles gallery!

Men’s Gray Hairstyles

Here are 21 best men with gray hair to prove our point.


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