21 Trendy Asian Hairstyles Men in 2017


Asian Men’s Hairstyles

Asian men hairstyles are all the rage today because of the variety of styles worn by Asian men. These hairstyles range from chic and classic to grungy and experimental. Asian men hairstyles don’t leave anything to be desired and anyone can find a hairstyle to go with their unique style. Kpop and Bollywood are another reason why Asian men hairstyles have become incredibly popular in the rest of the world. Asian men have now become the pioneer of men’s hairstyle fashion with the rest of the world following the hairstyles and cuts they wear. Here are 21 trendy Asian hairstyles for men in 2017.


What makes Asian Hairstyles different?

Asian men usually have really thick and textured hair. This means they can experiment with a number of hairstyles and can carry off some outrageous haircuts as well. Korean hairstyles are really popular in that area. Korean men don’t just take great care of their hair, they also try out varying haircuts and style. The famous long bang haircut and style was also made famous by Korean men. Korean men don’t just experiment with different haircuts but also try on different hair dyes to add accent to their hairstyles.

Men in other parts of Asia may be a little more conservative when it comes to haircuts and styles but these styles are perfect for people who are looking for a trendy haircut that isn’t too out there. From subtle low fades to traditional wavy quiffs, Asian men wear it all and you can too. Just take a look at these styles we picked for you.


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