25 Amazing Bald fade Hairstyles


Bald fade is a popular hairstyle among men of all ages because it is a versatile cut that can be paired with a number of different hairstyles. A bald fade or skin fade cut is a type of taper cut for men where the hair is left longer at the top and front of the head and then cut down to the skin around the sides and at the bottom. Bald fades can be high, medium or low depending on the style you choose to wear them with and your preference. High bald fades give you a grungier look because of the stark contrast between hair length and thickness. Medium fades and low bald fades are more popular as they are easier to carry and go with many different hairstyles. Here are 25 amazing bald fade hairstyles to help you choose the best one for yourself.

Which bald fade is best for you?

Bald fade haircut is an edgy haircut because of the way it is cut and the overall look it gives you. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for a more classic cut then we will suggest going for a low bald fade first to see if you can carry the style or not. A low bald fade resembles a standard taper cut and is perfect for professionals and older men. Medium bald fades go with a number of hairstyles and they are perfect for men who want to step out of their comfort zone but don’t want to start with something really drastic. High bald fade is more suited for men who like to wear bold hairstyles.

How to cut a high bald fade?



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