V Shaped Neckline Haircuts


The V-shaped haircut is the newest trend in men’s hairstyle. This bold and unique cut replaces the traditional neckline with a v-shaped one giving your hairstyle an added bit of edge. The v shape doesn’t just change your hairstyle but it is also great for making your neck look longer and your hair thicker. There are many variations of the haircut, ranging from subtle styles like getting a less sharp v, to bolder ones like getting a double v shaped haircut.

How to get the V-shaped Haircut

There are many variations of the style so you choose a v-shaped haircut that you are most comfortable with. The classic v-shaped hairstyle is basically a cross between a low fade cut and skin fade. The hair is kept long at the top and front of your head and gradually tapers down to the neckline. The difference is that the taper is brought down in a V-shape, leaving more hair in the center while keeping the sides light.

For a more subtle look, you can go for a faux Mohawk with a v shaped taperat the end. For a bolder look you can get a high fade with double v shaped haircut.

The V-Shaped Haircuts Pictures

1-Soft V Shaped haircut

2-V Cut Neckline For Men

3-V Shaped Hard Part With a Curly Top

4-Afro Taper With V Shape Haircut

5-Afro With V Shaped Haircut

6-Bald V Shaped

7-Best V-Shaped Haircuts For Men

8-Burst Fade With V Shaped

9-Classic V shaped haircut for men

10-Crazy V Shaped Haircuts

11-Creative V Shape Haircuts

12-Different V Shaped Hairstyle

13-Double V-Shaped Neckline

14-Duck Style with V Shaped

15-Fade with double V Shaped

16-Faded V shaped

17-Modern Pompadour + Skin Fade

18-Opposite V Shaped Haircut

19-Professional V-Cut Haircut

20-Sharp V Shaped

21-Side v shaped haircut

22-Skin Fade + Diffused Hair On Top

23-Basic V-Shaped Haircut

24-Mohawk with V Shaped

25-V-Cut Neckline

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