Braided Buns for Men


Braided Buns for Men

Man buns have never been as popular as they are now. More men are growing their hair longer and preferring to wear it in unique styles. Man-bun is one of those styles. There are so many ways to wear a man bun from a high bun style to a semi man bun. The latest trend in men’s hairstyle was to pair a man bun with a high fade cut. But an even newer trend is to braid your long hair and wear it in a bun. This braided bun looks amazing and adds an edge to your hairstyle. It is also a statement hairstylethat can be customized to match your personal style. Here we have collected some braided buns for men to show you how awesome this style actually looks.

All Men’s Hairstyles For Long Hair

Which braid is the best for you?

Braided buns for men come in different shapes and sizes; you can braid your hair in a basic braid or you can go for a much more complicated braided look like a Dutch braid. But the question is which braid bun style is the best for you. There are a couple of factors that may affect your decision; the first is, of course, your personal style and comfort. Some braids need to be wound tightly than others and that may be uncomfortable for some people. Another is your ability to recreate the braid. You may need to redo the look after a couple of hours to keep it looking perfect.

Here are couple of examples of best Braided Buns

You can also be inspired by these hairstyles:


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