Difference between Fade and Taper


Difference between Fade and Taper

Taper and fade cuts are two of the most popular haircuts for men, especially those who are looking for an edgier look. Most men make the mistake of thinking that both fade and taper cut are actually the same. While they may look the same in some instances, the fade and taper are two different haircuts. Let’s take a look at the difference between a fade and a taper cut.

A taper cut is where hair is left longer (2-4 inches) at the top and then it gradually fades towards the sides and at the nape of the neck. A taper cut doesn’t show a drastic lessening of hair but a gradual decrease from long hair to short. The hair at the nape also fades gradually and isn’t as sharp. A taper cut is really versatile and less risky.

Taper Haircuts 2017


A fade cut follows a similar principle but the hair at the top is left a little shorter than a taper. The hair is then drastically faded towards the sides and nape. The difference is immediately apparent because the hair is cut really short and there is almost no hair at the nape.

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Fade Haircuts 2017



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