Drake Haircut


Drake Haircut

Drake has a very grounded urban style that is reflected in his hairstyle as well. Drake hasn’t experimented much with his hair and usually wears it short. He has been known to pair his haircuts with skin fade and lots of facial hair. This gives off the illusion of thick heavy hair even when he is wearing his hair really short. Drake’s iconic haircut includes a lineup cut with various fade hairstyles paired with a full beard. His haircuts are simple yet stylish and are really easy to emulate. Another great thing about his haircuts is that they are easy to wear and maintain. Drake haircuts are perfect for men who are looking for a no fuss short hairstyle that can be customized according to personal style

The type of Haircut you should ask for

Drake pairs a skin fade do with a full thick beard. The skin fade is sharp at the temple and the hair is thicker and longer at the top of the head with a razor part. This gives off a sophisticated and classy look in keeping with Drakes Urban style. You should ask your barber for a heavy gradient skin fade cut where the hair is dark and thick at the top of the head and gradually tapers towards the nape. Be sure to ask for a razor part for that extra bit of edge.

Here are some Drake haircuts over the years to inspire you to get the same.


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