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Fade Haircuts for Men

Fade haircuts have been in style for a long time. When they first came out, these haircuts were only worn by people who wanted a bolder look, however, with time barbers have created fade styles that are more mainstream. Today, fade haircuts can be worn by anyone and be made a part of any hairstyle. Fade haircuts are also popular because they instantly update your look and make you trendy and stylish. These haircuts are great for creating a hairstyle that is both striking and likeable at the same time. Men usually combine fade haircuts with other styles like skin fades and hair dyes to really create a unique look. Here are some fade haircuts for men that will convince you to get one yourself.

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Types of Fade Haircuts

There are many different types of fade haircuts, especially since barbers have started experimenting with unique styles to bring something new to the table. However, there are only two types of fade haircuts that are universally popular; the high fade and the low fade. A fade haircut is basically a style of cut where the hair at the top and front of the head is left longer then at the sides and the nape of the neck. The difference is usually drastic with the hair going from thick and long to thin and really short immediately.

In a high fade cut, the short hair starts from above your ears, higher than normal. High fade is more popular with people who want a bold and edgy look. It is usually combined with other styles like a man bun to really bring out the contrast.

In a low fade cut the hair starts thinning out from the center of the ear and then becomes scarce at the very end. The result isn’t as jarring as with a high fade. Low fade is a more popular haircut style because of its versatility and wear ability. This style can be paired with long bangs, dyed hair, and even used to shape faux Mohawks and pompadours.

Did you try these fade haircuts:

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Here are some other fade haircuts you can try.

1#Low Fade Cut with Sharp Crease

2#Long Textured Spikes with Fade Haircut

3#Short Textured Hair with High Fade

4#Curly Thick Hair with Skin Fade and Low Fade Cut


5#Classic Quiff with Low Fade Cut

6#Faux Spiked Mohawk with Low Fade Cut

7#Faux Pompadour with High Fade and Sharp Crease

8#Bold Sharp Crease and Skin Fade with Short Hair

9#Spiked Hair with High Fade Cut

10#Pompadour with Sharp Double Crease and Low Fade Cut

11#Short Hair with Low Fade

12#Long Hair with Low Fade

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