Fishbone Braid Hairstyles


When longer hair came back in fashion, everyone was looking to wear it differently and experiment with different styles. The man bun wasn’t far behind and became an extremely popular trend among men of all ages. In keeping with the same trend, men with longer hair started to experiment with braiding their hair in different styles. These braids range from the classic braid too much more complicated looks like a Dutch braid or a box braid. It was only a matter of time when men started experimenting with cornrow braid styles and that’s when the fishbone braid came into fashion.

Fishbone Braid For Men

The fishbone braid is one of the more complicated braid types out there. There aren’t many men who can braid their own hair in this style and hence men usually prefer going to a professional to get this style. This is also the reason why many men prefer to have their hair texturized to make sure the braid stays put for longer. Fishbone braid is also really tightly wound to make sure it keeps its shape and looks neat and clean. Many professionals use hair gels, pomade, and hair oils to make the hair more manageable and to make the braid look slicker and more chic.

Tips And Tricks For lover of Braid Hair

Here are some fishbone braid hairstyles to inspire you to get your hair braided the same way as well. One thing to keep in mind is that a fishbone braid has to be wound really tight and it may end up being a little bit painful for you, especially if you haven’t gotten your hair braided before.

Fishbone Braid Pictures For Men




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