How to Cornrow Men’s short hair


Cornrows are a popular hairstyle for men who want to manage their textured hair and get a neat, classic look. While this hairstyle was made popular by men whose hair was really textured, today men with all kinds of hair types like wearing cornrows. There are many hair gels, pomades, and other products that can help you texturize your hair enough so that it can hold cornrows for a longer time. If you’re looking to wear this style here is a guide that teaches you how to cornrow men’s short hair.

How to Do Cornrows For Guys

Step 1: If your hair is already textured, spray it with a little water to make the hair manageable. If you have fine hair, use a texturing spray instead. You can even use oil in your hair to make it easy to manage hair.

Step 2: Divide the hair into sections. The number of sections depends on the number of cornrows you want to wear in your hair. If you’re new to this, start with two or three sections.

Step 3: In the section you’ve separated, make three subsections. Follow the process of making a regular braid. The only difference is that you keep on adding more hair to the sides of the braid as you go down. Braid the hair really tightly.

Step 4: Once you’re done, secure the end of the braid by tying it with a rubber band. Tie it tightly so that the cornrow remains taught and secure.

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