How to Man Braid Short Hair


Man braid is the newest trend in men’s hairstyle and it looks amazing. Whether it is a fishtail braid that starts from the top of your head and tapers down, or a classic braid that looks effortless and chic, man braids are an amazing way to style your long hair. There are many ways to braid your hair and customize your look to match your style, but here we have a bare bones process that can help you master the art of braiding your hair any way you want.

How to Man Braid

Read on for our guide on how to man braid. The guide is for a classic braid.

Step 1: Find someone with long hair or a mannequin with a long hair wig. You can practice on your own hair as well, but you will learn much faster if you can see what you’re doing.

Step 2: Separate the hair into three strands of equal size. You can use your fingers to separate the strands or a comb. Hold the outer strands with your ring and pinky finger and the middle strand with you index and middle finger.

Step 3: Take the right strand and pull it over the middle strand, making it the middle strand. Pull the middle strand to the right. Not take the left strand and pull it over the middle strand moving the middle strand to the left.

Step 4:Repeat step 3 until you have braided all your hair.


You Can try This Braided Man Hairstyles


Let’s watch how to make Braided Man hairstyles:


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