How to Use Pomade

Pomade is a hair product that is used for styling hair. It basically acts like an adhesive that tames frizzy hair and holds the style you want in your hair. Here is a guide on how to use pomade.

Choose the right pomade

Pomades are usually either oil based or water based. Oil based pomades are cheaper and have a greasier, shinier finish. They are water-insoluble so they may be a little difficult to take out. Water based pomades are lighter and less shiny and are easier to wash out. But they are more expensive.

How To do a Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut with Pomade

Choose the strength

Pomades come in different strength types. Choose a weaker one if you’re using pomade for the first time as the stronger ones aren’t as flexible.

Take the right amount

Start by taking a small amount in your palm, rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product and run it over all your hair at the same time. Make sure your hair is slightly damp when you do this.

Add more as needed

Add more pomade to parts of your hair you feel need more hold. For short hair add more to your spikes so that they stay up all day.

Which hair you can make with pomade
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