Jared Leto Haircut 2017


If we were asked to pick a true hair chameleon, we would definitely pick Jared Leto. This iconic actor isn’t just amazing at playing varying roles on screen, he is also great at carrying off the boldest hairstyle looks we have ever seen. He is also famous for always coming out with a new and unique haircut and he changes his look after every couple of months giving you lots of hairstyles to choose from. His style ranges from classic chic to punk rock and everything in between. He has been known to wear his hair super long and really short and he was also responsible for making a couple of haircuts famous around the globe. If you’re looking for a Jared Leto haircut, browse these iconic looks we have gathered for you.

1#Jared Leto’s Slick back classic hair

Leto has been known to go classic with his hairstyle now and again. He has done the slicked back quiff with both dark brown and black hair and platinum blonde hair. He even wore this hairstyle with pink hair.

2#Jared Leto’s Textured and wild hair

His wild textured spikes gave a new meaning to swept away hair. He wore this hairstyle with both medium length hair and short hair.



3#Jared Leto’s Long wavy hair

This was probably Leto’s most iconic look. His long locks inspired many men to grow their hair long and wear it in waves. Leto wore his long wavy hair with a center part, in a half bun, or fully swept up in a man bun.


4#Jared Leto’s Bold Mohawks

Leto has experimented with a lot of looks over the years. He once wore a faux Mohawk with side fade, his hair was dyed blonde with a pink frost. He also wore a dark burgundy statement Mohawk.

Here are some more Jared Leto haircuts.

5#Jared Leto’s White Hair

6#Jared Leto’s Green Hair

7#Jared Leto’s Pink Hairs

8#Jared Leto’s Short Hair

9#Jared Leto’s Teenage Hairstyle



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