Justin Bieber Hairstyles 2017


Justin Bieber has won the world with his amazing music and has emerged as a fashion icon. Rising to immediate fame at 15 years of age, Bieber has literally grown up in front of our eyes and so has his fashion sense. While some of his earlier style choices were classic, chic, boy-next-door like, Bieber turned the tables when he hit his 20s by taking on bolder and edgier fashion and style choices.

From his adorable swooped bangs to his platinum buzz cut, here is a look at some iconic Justin Bieber hairstyles.

2009 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Justin dropped his first album and became an instant hit not just for his music but also for his cute front swooping haircut. He wore these bangs either all swooped to the front or in a low dropping side quiff adding to his teen heartthrob aesthetic.



2011 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

17 year old Bieber cut some of his long swoops into a shorter rounded haircut. He would sometimes wear his hair in the form of messy bangs and other times style it up in textured spikes.



2012 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

By the end of 2011 Bieber got rid of his swoop altogether and started wearing his shorter hair slicked back. 2012 was the year of height and bounce, as Bieber shaved the sides of his hair giving all the attention to his iconic spikes.


2014 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Bieber returned to the music scene with shorter hair and a lot of tattoos.


2015 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

This year saw the most dramatic changes in Bieber’s hairstyle; he started growing his hair and wore it slicked back or in a classic quiff. By the end of the year, Bieber went beach blond and cut the sides of his hair while growing the front long and dreadlocked.


2016 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Bieber shaved his head and wore a buzz cut. Later that year he started growing his hair but cut it short again


2017 Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Bieber shaved his head and went beach blond again.



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