Korean Hairstyles for Men


Korean Hairstyles for Men 

Korean hairstyles range from classic and chic to bold and adventurous. Since Korean men have thick, textured hair, it is easy for them to experiment with their hairstyles and wear both long and short hair in bolder cuts. Korean hairstyles are heavily influenced by K-pop (Korean Pop) with famous Korean idols constantly coming up with new and unique hair styles and cuts to start epic trends. This K-pop trend has long since penetrated many other parts of the world as well, and now Korean hairstyles and fashion is sought after by men and boys everywhere. Here are some Korean hairstyles for men that will help you get started on the trend as well.

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Silky Straight Hair For Korean Guys

While Korean hair is usually really silky, a famous trend in the region is to use extra product and hair treatments to get silky smooth hair. Silky straight hair can then be styled in a medium bob, long bangs with a quiff, or into smooth yet stiff spikes.


Textured Spiky Hair For Korean Boys

Texture is a given with all Korean hairstyles. Since Korean men have naturally textured hair, they can wear really high hairstyles without the need for any additional product. Small textured waves, textured Mohawks, and angled haircuts are some famous hairstyle trends.


Mohawks and Fade cuts

Mohawks, pompadours, and fade cuts are the newest trend in Korean hairstyles. They can be paired with skin fades as well as trendy hair dyes to bring out a special look.

Short Hairstyles For Korean Guys

Korean hairstyles may bend towards being bolder but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any classic cuts that you can wear and carry off easily.

Dyed Hair

Another stand out feature of all Korean hairstyles is that they include dyed hair.

Long Hairstyles For Korean Men

Korean Man Bun Hairstyles


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