Latest Curly Hairstyles for Men


Curly Hairstyles for Men

Though curly hair is often difficult to manage and tame, it can help you create some amazing hairstyles that make you look stylish or grungy and really bring out your personal style. A customized haircut can really bring out your features and amp up your style game but even if you’re looking for a low maintenance haircut, these latest curly hairstyles for men are sure to impress you.

If you’re looking to tame your curly hairand want a crisper look, an undercut paired with a fade hairstyle will give you the best results.

  • Men’s Textured Curls

In contrast, if you want to enhance the natural curl of your hair and make it bouncy and light, get a medium haircut and use a beach spray to get bouncy curls.

  • Men’s Slick Curls

For a slicker look, go with a short haircut style like a tapered fade and use hair gel or stay in spray to remove the frizz from your curls and make them look sleek and stylish.

  • Curly Mohawk or Pompadour for men

While you will need some spray and gel to hold it in place, a curly Mohawk looks edgy and on point. You can pair it with a fade haircut to really emphasize your curls.

  • Curly Bob Hairstyles for Men

Curly hair looks best in medium length, so use that to your advantage and get a bob haircut to emphasize those locks. An angled bob gives a more dramatic look.


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