Lionel Messi Hairstyles Over The Years


Lionel Messi Haircuts

Lionel Messi may be known for his smooth moves on the soccer field, but he is also a style icon when it comes to haircut styles. Over the years Messi’s hairstyles have seen a lot of change; from a fluffy mullet to a fade quiff, Messi has tried it all. While some of his earlier hairstyle choices weren’t the most amazing, Messi really upped his hairstyle game in the 2000s going for more classic, crisp looks. However, no matter what his style, the Lionel Messi haircut has always inspired a lot of people to get the same look.

Messi didn’t really experiment much with his hairstyles earlier on, preferring to let it grow to a medium length and wearing it in all its wavy glory. Lately, his hairstyle choices have been a lot more stylish, in keeping with the current hairstyle trends. He did start dying his hair and wore a bleached top look last year. He has also paired a skin undercut with a fadeand wore a wide Mohawk as well. However, his signature quiff is still one of the best hairstyles he has worn till date.
Take a look at our list of Lionel Messi haircuts that he has worn over the years.

Messi’s Fluffy Mullet Hairstyle

Messi’s First Hairstyle

Messi’s Fade Quiff Hairstyles


Messi’s Undercut with a Fade Hairstyle


Messi’s Mohawk Hairstyle

Lionel Messi’s Blond Hairstyles


Messi’s Spicky Hairstyle


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