Long Hairstyles for Men


Long Hairstyles for Men in 2017

Longer hair has always been associated with a feminine look and feel. However, men have also started adopting this look of late proving to the world that long hairstyles suit men as much as they do women. The biggest put off for keeping longer hair is that it needs more maintenance. While that may stand true, this maintenance is simple and doesn’t require that much effort. Sure you’ll have to shampoo and condition your hair more, but that is a price worth paying for all the heads you’ll turn with a well-cut long hairstyle look. Take a look at these long hairstyles for men to be inspired.


Messy Long Hairstyles for Men

You can do so much with long hair; wear it a messy half bun to add to your grunge factor, or get sexy beach waves by spraying a textured spray on your long hair. You can also make your look more classic by wearing your long straight hair pushed behind your ears. Dreadlocks and man braids are all the rage today and they help you bring out your personal style. You can even get your long hair cut in layers to add more body and bounce to your hair. Browse more styles here.

Let’s see the other long hairstyles!

Men’s Long Haircuts in 2017

Medium Long Hairstyles for Men


Messy Long Hairstyles For Men


Curly Long Hairstyles For Men



Straight Long Hairstyles For Men


Straight Long Hairstyles For Men

Collective men’s hair











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