Men Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair is always difficult to style because the haircut needs to either hide the balding area or make it look like it is intentional. However, having thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish hairstyle and cut. The right cut and style can hide any balding spots on your scalp and make you look like you have a full set of hair. Men hairstyles for thin hair are always evolving and this year is no different; here we have some hairstyles for thin hair that range from classic to edgy. There is also a variation of hair lengths from short to long dispensing the theory that thin hair can only be worn short.

How to Style Thin Hair

Your hair may be thinning for a number of reasons; it may be due to age, which remains to be the most common reason for balding. In that case, you can combine your haircut with an appropriate hair dye to hide your balding spots and make you look youthful.

Hair thinning may be genetic, in which case you might start losing hair from a young age. But there is no need to panic because there are a number of things you can do to remedy it. Some methods are of course more permanent in nature like getting a hair transplant, but you can just as easily go for a trendy haircut that hides your bald spots and styles your thin hair to look fuller. You can combine a fade haircut with a skin fade for an edgier look.

Sometimes stress and other factors can also cause hair thinning. If that is the case, then getting a good haircut may even help boost your confidence and take away some of the stress. Let’s take a look at some of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Commonly, thin hair is styled in a shorter haircut. The idea is to embrace the thinning hair and make it look intentional.

Men’s Short Spicky Hair For Thin Hair

Short spikes are a good way to hide your bald spots and add height to your hair so that the eyes always go up instead of focus on your thin hair at the bottom.

Fade haircuts For Thin Hair

Combining a fade haircut with a sharp skin fade can help draw the eye away from thinning hair. You can also accentuate your thinning hairline by making it sharper so that it looks like a bold hairstyle.

Razor Buzz Cut For Thin Hair

This no fuss hairstyle is perfect for men who don’t like spending too much time styling their hair. The fade combined with a razor buzz cut is easy to style and carry.

Half Bald Haircut For Thin Hair

Going completely bald is also an option to make your thin hair work to your advantage. But if you want a less bold look, you can always go for this half bald haircut that makes you look edgy and stylish.

Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Long hairstyles are also great to hide a receding hairline.

Long wisps of hair styled outwards can hide a receding hairline and make your hair look fuller.

Pompadour Hairstyles For Thin Hair

If you’re balding at the back of your head and at the sides, a swept back pompadour is a great way to not just hide balding area of your head but make you look slick as well.

You can try these hair styles to get a different look:

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