Men’s Hairstyle Inspirations From 4 Top Male Models


Where better to get ideas for your next hairstyle than from people whose job is to always look trendy?

These 4 Male Models are at the top of their game both in hairstyles and in the modelling world, some have more conservative hairstyles and others not so conservative. Enjoy.

Marcello Alvarez

Marcello is rocking the perfectly shaped beard and medium length hair. This look is absolutely amazing if you can grow a beard like this (unfortunately I can’t). Give it a try!


Lucky Blue Smith

Feeling extra adventurous? The platinum hair look is Lucky Blue Smith’s signature look. It’s a hugely risky hairstyle and only few people can pull it off, but if you can, it looks amazing.


Stephen James Hendry

Going for the bad boy look like Stephen? His slick variation of the disconnected undercut might just be for you. Tats not included!


Nick Bateman

Like a more conservative look? Nick Bateman pulls off a standard stubble and matte spiked look perfectly.


As you can see the biggest difference we see with these hairstyles is the lack of extreme fades and other barber techniques, this is primarily because these hairstyles are done by stylist whom are trained more with scissors than clippers. So if you want to achieve any of these hairstyles, your best bet is going to a hair stylist!

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