Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2016


The year is young but the ever evolving world of men’s hair moves fast. Trends come and go quickly which is why we’re always committed to bring you the best and latest mens hairstyles of 2016as soon as possible.

1. Wavy / High Volume Undercut with a Taper

volume taper undercutwavy undercut taper

This variation of the undercut  features a fade and taperfollowed by much longer hair on top (longer than a classic undercut for sure) giving it a wavy and volumized look. To properly achieve this look you will need to get comfortable with a hair dryer, brush and your favorite matte pomade.

2. Buzzed Skin Fades

short fade hairstyle

We will definitely see more close shaved hairstyles in 2016. Men’s hair is like a pendulum, 2015 was filled with longer hair trends like the man bun and top knot, but it will swing back to more contemporary buzzed styles like fades and high and tights.

3. Business Savvy

business savy hairstyle

business professional hairstyle 2016

When you think of the word ‘business savvy‘ the image that pops up in most people’s head is one of a man in a sleek suit and a nice head of hair neatly combed back akin to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Achieve this look by growing your hair out to medium length whilst maintaining the back and sides with regular trimmings.

4. Modern Side Part

mens side part hairstyleside part hairstyle 2016

One of my favorite things about men’s hair last year was the resurgence of classic haircuts like the side part. This sleek style will still be going strong in 2016 just because it’s such a timeless look it never really went out of style but it’s even more in style now.

5. The Swoop

medium length asian hair

medium length cut

We got a taste of this hairstyle when Justin Bieber showcased a more ‘out there’ variation of the cut recently. I absolutely love this style and think we will be seeing a lot more of it as the year goes on. It’s a great hybrid of the classic 90’s curtained cut and more modern hairstyles to give it a fresh feeling. Love it!

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