Braided Buns for Men

Braided Buns for Men Man buns have never been as popular as they are now. More men are growing their hair longer and preferring to wear it in unique styles. Man-bun is one of those…

2017 Popular Hairstyles for Men

2016 was a year of experimentation and bold looks as far as men’s hairstyles are concerned. It was also a year when both short and long hairstyles became popular with many men experimenting with both…

Jared Leto Haircut 2017

If we were asked to pick a true hair chameleon, we would definitely pick Jared Leto. This iconic actor isn’t just amazing at playing varying roles on screen, he is also great at carrying off…

Fade Haircuts
V Shaped Neckline Haircuts

The V-shaped haircut is the newest trend in men’s hairstyle. This bold and unique cut replaces the traditional neckline with a v-shaped one giving your hairstyle an added bit of edge. The v shape doesn’t…

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