Teenage is a time of experimentation, both in life and in hairstyles. It is a time when you can really try on different hairstyle looks and choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Over the years teenage hairstyles have gone from safe and standard to bold and risky. Many teenage guys now choose trendy, edgy haircuts to show off their personal style. Of course there are certain school regulations that have to be followed, but teenage guys are able to pull off some of the most experimental hairstyle looks ever. Here are some popular hairstyles for teenage guys ranging from classic to edgy to help you choose the best one for yourself.

Layered Hairstyles For Guys

When it comes to teenage guy haircuts, layers are a cult favorite. There are so many ways to wear layered haircuts. You can go for a faux layered Mohawk or choose a classic layered quiff cut. You can also get layered spikes and add in a bit of style by dying your spikes a different color.

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2# Fade Hairstyles For Teenage Guys

Fade is a popular cut among teenage guys looking for a bolder look. Teenagers can combine a fade haircut with a sharp side part. They can choose to go for high spikes with low fade. They can even choose to get a faux Mohawk and pompadour hairstyle with faded sides.

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3#Spikes and Bangs Haircuts For Men

Another popular trend in teenage guy hairstyles is to get spikes and grow long bangs. Spiked haircut can be combined with other hairstyles like a fade or a taper. Guys also get their hair dyed to add accent to their spikes. Teenage guys also like wearing long bangs at the top and front with shorter hair at the back. These bangs are either straight and slick or curled back.

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