The Best Fade Haircuts for Men 2017


20 Amazing Mens Fade Hairstyles

Fade haircuts have been around for quite a while and with good reason; they help you get a bold and unique look that is still stylish and edgy. The best thing about a fade haircut is that you can choose from such a wide array of variations, ranging from the bolder High Bald Fade to a more comfortable Low Fade haircut. Choose the variation that goes with your personal style as we list down the best fade haircuts for men in this article.

Tips And Tricks For Fade Haircuts!

Low Fade Haircut

Low fade is the most common type of fade hairstyle for men because it gives a crisp clean look without changing the hairstyle dramatically. This crisp, clean look is perfect for men who are new to the fade haircut trend and just want a little bit of change.


High Fade Haircut

If you want a more dramatic look, you can go for a medium or even a high fade haircut.


Skin Fade Undercut

If you really want to get that edgy look, you can combine your fade haircut with a skin fade that pulls the overall look together. Skin fade undercuts can be sharp and pointed or box shaped. You can even go with a perfectly rounded skin fade cut that goes well with longer hair.




Mohawk and Pompadour

A fade haircut isn’t just popular with men who have short hair, in fact, men with longer hair have a lot more variety of fade haircuts to choose from. The newest trend in fade haircuts is to combine your fade with a Mohawk or pompadour. You can go with a low, high fade and pompadour for a more defined look or get a messy Mohawk with a low fade to amp up the cool vibe.


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