The Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut


The Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

Usher may have popularized the burst fade Mohawk haircut, but it has since become a cult favorite for men who like to wear a classier Mohawk. This haircut is also known as South of France Fade and is basically a gradual fade that tapers down to the neckline. The Mohawk on top isn’t the same as the traditional spiky one but is actually a wider, cleaner faux Mohawk that is created as a result of the fade on its sides.

How To do a Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

A true burst fade doesn’t taper too much at the neck, in fact, it resembles the shape of a semi-circle with quiet some hair at the end. Tapering the end too much can take away from the true shape of a faux Mohawk.

Since the Mohawk featured in this hairstyle isn’t as fierce, this fade haircut is perfect for men who don’t want a really bold look and are looking for something more classic and chic. The burst fade haircut can be paired with both short and long hair. However, short, curly, fuzzy hair will generally create a cleaner Mohawk that is easier to maintain as opposed to longer wavy hair.

The fade Mohawk can also be emphasized with a skin undercut as well as a double fade haircut. You can customize your look even more by adding in a design line up to the haircut.

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