The Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men


The Mullet is a classic hairstyle that is either loved or not so loved by men around the globe. The reason this hairstyle has such a reputation is that, when it came out, it was referred to as a low-class cut. However, with time the mullet was customized and modernized and today, the modern mullet is actually a really edgy, daring hairstyle that looks amazing.

The Modern Mullets

A traditional mullet was basically a cut with long hair all over the head with the hair at the back grown longer than the rest. The modern mullet customizes and updates the classic mullet look by making the hair on the top and sides of the head short while keeping the hair at the back long. Some men also combine side fade and skin fade with the modern mullet cut to add some more edge to it. 

The best thing about the modern mullet hairstyle is that it can be worn with any type of hair. It suits both straight and curly hair. It is also a cut that can be worn with medium length hair and long length hair. You can even wear this style with thin hair, in fact, it is a good party hairstyle for men with thin hair.

Here are some modern mullet hairstyles for men to inspire you to wear this modern take on the classic mullet cut.

Men’s Mullet Hairstyles

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