What is a bald fade? How to cut a high bald fade?


What is a bald fade? 

Bald fade is another name for skin fade which is a type of taper fade cut. This cut is also known as zero fade and is one of the most popular hairstyles for men this year. Basically, a bald fade cut is when the hair on the sides of the head are cut down to the skin. Just like other fade cuts, bald fade can be high, medium, and low. It is one of the cleanerfade hairstylesthat is both edgy and classic at the same time. Another winning feature of this cut is that you can combine it with long hairstyles like quiff, comb over, faux hawk, pompadour, crew cut, and side part as well as short hairstyles like a buzz cut, French crop, waves, or Caesar.

How to cut a High Bald fade?

A high bald fade is when the contrast on the top of the head and the sides is stark. This is done by letting the hair stay long and thick at the top of the head and then cut down the sides to the skin immediately below the top. The cut is called high bald fade because the fade starts from the top of the ear lobe. While a high bald fade is more apparent in hairstyles with long hair, you can get this look with short hair as well.

The trick to cutting a good high bald fade is to enhance the contrast of hair volume but still keep a balance so that the style looks seamless.

Here are some examples of high bald fade cuts to help you understand the concept.

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